VPN for Extratorrents

What is Extratorrents?

Extratorrents was a popular torrent website that provided a platform for the distribution of various media, software, and other files. Users from around the globe could share and access a myriad of content, ranging from movies and TV shows to software and e-books, often without the legal permissions from copyright holders. Extratorrents was notable for its vast library and user-friendly interface, making it one of the most frequented torrent platforms before its shutdown.

VPN for Extratorrents

Detailed Information About Extratorrents

Extratorrents was a prominent platform in the torrenting community due to its extensive collection of torrents and a robust user base. Acting as a search engine for torrents, it hosted numerous files that could be downloaded using a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing method through torrent clients like BitTorrent. However, due to various legal and copyright infringement issues, Extratorrents was voluntarily shut down by its administrators in 2017.

Features of Extratorrents

  • Extensive Library: Extratorrents had a vast library of movies, TV shows, software, and more.
  • User Community: The platform boasted a strong community that shared and commented on torrents.
  • Accessibility: It was globally accessible, providing varied content to users worldwide.
  • User Interface: The website offered a straightforward and user-friendly interface.
  • Categories: Extratorrents provided categorized sections for different types of content to facilitate easy navigation.

Using VPN in Extratorrents

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) could be used with Extratorrents to enhance user anonymity and security. By rerouting the internet connection through a secure server, a VPN masks the user’s IP address, making it difficult for ISPs and other entities to track online activities. When accessing a torrent site like Extratorrents, users could utilize VPNs to circumvent geographical restrictions and shield their online activities from scrutiny.

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Reasons for Using a VPN in Extratorrents

  1. Anonymity: To keep download and browsing activities private.
  2. Security: To protect against potential threats and unauthorized surveillance.
  3. Bypassing Geo-Restrictions: To access content that might be regionally restricted.
  4. Avoiding ISP Throttling: To prevent ISPs from slowing down internet speeds due to torrenting activities.
  5. Accessing Shutdown or Blocked Sites: To access mirror sites of Extratorrents after its shutdown.

How VPN Can Help Secure Extratorrents

A VPN encrypts all data transmitted over the network, thereby securing personal information and activities from cyber threats and unauthorized monitoring. When using Extratorrents, a VPN can shield the user from potential legal repercussions related to copyright infringements, providing a secure environment for accessing and downloading torrents.

Problems Using VPN in Extratorrents

  • Connection Issues: Sometimes VPNs can cause reduced internet speeds or connection instability.
  • Legal and Ethical Concerns: Using a VPN to access or share copyrighted material without authorization is illegal in many jurisdictions.
  • Data Leaks: Though rare, low-quality VPNs might leak user data and compromise anonymity.
  • Access Issues: Some VPNs might not effectively bypass regional restrictions or be blocked by certain networks.

Analogies to Extratorrents

  1. The Pirate Bay: Known for its resilience and extensive library.
  2. 1337x: Renowned for its user-friendly interface and diverse content.
  3. YTS: Recognized for its high-quality movie torrents.
  4. RARBG: Valued for its high-quality torrents and varied categories.
  5. Zooqle: A rising star with an impressive collection of torrents.
  6. Torrentz2: A robust search engine for torrents.
  7. LimeTorrents: Noted for its straightforward interface and diverse content.
  8. TorLock: Appreciated for its verified torrents, reducing the risk of downloading fake files.
  9. EZTV: A destination for TV show enthusiasts.
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Common Mistakes When Searching for Extratorrents

People often misspell the name, typing “Extra Torrentz,” “Extratorrant,” “Extra Torents,” or “Xtra Torrents.” Moreover, users may mistakenly search for “Extra Torrents Proxy” instead of looking for viable alternatives or mirror sites after its shutdown.


The use of VPNs in torrenting, especially on platforms like Extratorrents, offers a veil of anonymity and a degree of security to users. However, ethical and legal considerations should guide online behaviors. While VPN usage can shield individuals to a certain extent, it is paramount to navigate the digital world with a consciousness towards lawful and ethical practices, respecting copyrights and legal jurisdictions.

PlatformKnown ForStatus
ExtratorrentsVast library and user-friendly interfaceShutdown
The Pirate BayResilience and extensive libraryActive
1337xUser-friendly interface and diverse contentActive
YTSHigh-quality movie torrentsActive
RARBGHigh-quality torrents and varied categoriesActive
ZooqleImpressive collection of torrentsActive
Torrentz2Robust search engine for torrentsActive
LimeTorrentsStraightforward interface and diverse contentActive
TorLockVerified torrents, reducing risk of fake filesActive
EZTVDestination for TV show enthusiastsActive

Expert Comment on VPN for Extratorrents

VPN for Extratorrents

Dr. Sarah K. Rompson, a cybersecurity expert.

“While VPNs offer a layer of security and anonymity, especially in the realm of torrenting, it’s pivotal to remember that ethical and legal considerations must always be paramount. Engaging in unauthorized sharing or downloading of copyrighted materials remains illicit and potentially subject to legal consequences, even when using a VPN. Always prioritize safe, ethical, and legal online practices.”

VPN for Extratorrents

Written by: Carl J. Jones

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