VPN and TrueMove

TrueMove is a leading telecommunications service provider in Thailand. As one of the most recognized brands in the country, TrueMove offers a vast range of mobile communication services tailored to meet the needs of individual and business users alike.

VPN and TrueMove

Detailed information about TrueMove

Originating in Thailand, TrueMove is under the umbrella of True Corporation, a conglomerate known for its diversified presence in the telecommunications, broadband, and digital services domains. Over the years, TrueMove has successfully carved a niche for itself, earning a reputation for its reliable services and innovative product offerings.

Which countries have TrueMove?

  • Thailand (primary operations)

Features of TrueMove

  • Extensive 4G and burgeoning 5G network coverage
  • Various prepaid and postpaid mobile plans
  • International roaming services
  • Value-added services such as mobile banking and entertainment content

Average Internet Speed TrueMove

TrueMove’s 4G network offers speeds averaging around 30 Mbps, while their evolving 5G network promises speeds exponentially faster, reaching up to 1 Gbps in selected areas.

How to top up TrueMove

  1. Visit a TrueMove kiosk or authorized retailer.
  2. Use the TrueMove H app.
  3. Online via the TrueMove website.
  4. Via bank ATMs that support TrueMove top-up.

How Check TrueMove Balance?

Customers can dial *123# from their TrueMove phone to quickly check their balance.

Different Ways of TrueMove Balance Checking.

  • TrueMove H app
  • Dialing *123# on mobile
  • Through the TrueMove website

How to check TrueMove SMS balance?

Using the TrueMove H app or by dialing a specific code (1011*9#) on their TrueMove phone.

TrueMove Balance Check Using USSD Codes

Dial *123# for a summary of balance and main account details.

How to Check TrueMove Balance Online?

  1. Visit the TrueMove H website.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Navigate to ‘Balance & Usage’ section.
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VPN and TrueMove

How do I Check my TrueMove Prepaid Balance and Validity?

Dial *123# from your TrueMove prepaid phone.

How do I Check my TrueMove Postpaid Balance?

Log into the TrueMove H app or website and navigate to the billing section.

How to Check TrueMove Data Balance?

Use the TrueMove H app or dial *900# from the mobile phone.

How to check TrueMove number?

Dial *833# from your TrueMove phone.

How to cancel TrueMove contract?

Contact TrueMove’s customer service or visit a True Shop or TrueMove shop in person.

How VPN can be used in the TrueMove?

By downloading a VPN application on your device, you can connect to various servers, ensuring data privacy and security while using TrueMove’s services.

Reasons of using a VPN in the TrueMove

  • Enhance online privacy
  • Bypass geo-restricted content
  • Secure data on public Wi-Fi networks
  • Evade bandwidth throttling by the provider

How Can VPN Help Secure TrueMove?

A VPN encrypts data transmission, rendering it unreadable to potential eavesdroppers, providing users an extra layer of security when surfing the web or accessing online services on the TrueMove network.


TrueMove, as a key player in Thailand’s telecommunications landscape, offers a diverse range of services, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele. Its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes it a top choice for many. With additional tools like VPNs, users can further optimize their online experience.

What are the closest competitors/analogs to TrueMove?

  • AIS
  • DTAC
  • TOT
  • CAT
VPN and TrueMove

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