List of the best free VPN services to watch Netflix in 2022

Service developers come up with different ways to monetize them. That’s why it’s so hard to find a free VPN that allows free access to Netflix. The streaming service is known for its technology, which quickly detects a VPN connection and immediately blocks it. Even if you manage to find a free VPN, it will not be devoid of certain restrictions: low connection speed, small network of servers, insufficient traffic limit.

A few tips to help you find a free VPN to watch Netflix

Not every VPN service is suitable for Netflix, so you should choose carefully. The user should pay attention to a number of criteria that are very important for a comfortable viewing of content:

  • Access to the U.S. catalog. One of the prerequisites, because the library of the streaming service in America is the most complete.
  • 100% free. A VPN service should not require a paid subscription, giving the user only a limited set of features. They should also guarantee a refund if the service proves to be of insufficient quality.
  • A high traffic limit and a high-speed connection. Two more prerequisites without which you can’t watch movies and shows on Netflix. No one likes watching content with constant pauses for buffering.
  • Support service. VPN service should provide its users with help in case of various problems.
  • Multi-platform. The VPN application must support different browsers, operating systems and devices. So that you can start watching the movie on your computer and finish it on your tablet.

What are the dangers of free VPN services?

Some VPN services have their own disadvantages: an underdeveloped network of servers, low connection speeds and miserable amounts of available traffic. However, this is not all, some of them can pose a threat to users and their anonymity online. Among the main threats, it is worth remembering the following:

  • Weak security system. These servers can leak IP/DNS, which compromises client anonymity. Often this happens because there is no way to regularly update the security system and keep it up to date.
  • Saving and trading user data. Free VPNs are often guilty of this, as they actively collect customer data to sell it to a third party. Therefore, it is important to study the privacy policy of a particular service.
  • Malware. Sometimes VPN services are a receptacle for all sorts of digital junk: viruses, ads, tracking user activity.

So what to do, how to choose a quality VPN service?

All of the above refers to the lowest-grade services, which only need a short-term profit and nothing more. In fact, there are good VPN-services that remain free, but still offer quality services to their users. Below we will talk about them.

  1. CyberGhost is the perfect tool against the Netflix blocking system

With CyberGhost, you don’t have to worry about losing access to your favorite Netflix series. The service has an impressive network of servers, of which there are more than 7,660 in 90 countries around the world. If necessary, CyberGhost will open access to the streaming platform’s library in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. A separate 15 servers have been customized specifically for Netflix to eliminate any viewing problems.

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Measurements showed a very high connection speed, and access to various directories takes no more than 30 seconds. On average, the speed did not drop below 46.5 Mbps. There is a small problem – the service is not available in China.

The main advantages of CyberGhost service:

  • Up to 7 simultaneously connected devices;
  • unlimited bandwidth;
  • free access to more than 15 Netflix catalogs (Sweden, Japan, USA, Germany, etc.);
  • you can access HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and more;
  • Support for popular platforms (Roku, Linux, Windows, Mac and others);
  • the service is available in Russian.

CyberghostVPN reviews

  1. ExpressVPN – the most powerful network of servers and free access to Netflix in HD

Among the many free VPN-services, ExpressVPN stands out by its powerful network of servers around the world – more than 3000 units in 94 countries around the globe. Allows free access to Netflix catalogs in Britain, Australia, Japan, France, etc. In addition to Netflix, the user will be able to enjoy content from Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu.

ExpressVPN provides unlimited bandwidth, so even after hours of watching shows, the speed is still high. Tests have shown that when connected to servers in Australia, Japan and the United States – the speed did not fall below 67.8 Mbps, although even 25 Mbps is quite enough for content in Ultra HD format.

The main advantages of ExpressVPN service:

  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days;
  • unlimited bandwidth;
  • 24/7 support service;
  • up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously;
  • access to more than 20 Netflix catalogs, as well as Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and more;
  • Full compatibility with popular platforms (Apple TV, Mac, iOS, Windows, and others);
  • the service is available in Russian.

ExpressVPN reviews

  1. TunnelBear – a global network of servers for comfortable access to Netflix

TunnelBear has been known for quite some time. Today it has more than 2,600 servers in different parts of the world. The list of available Netflix directories is not as extensive as in the case of previous VPNs, but it is quite sufficient. During the tests, we were able to watch content from 5 directories, particularly the U.S., France, Canada and Britain. The connection is very fast and you can forget about buffering completely. However, sometimes the speed can fluctuate significantly – from 4.2 to 23.3 Mbps. This largely depends on the geographical remoteness of the server chosen for the connection. You can watch Netflix in HD, but then you need to be careful when selecting a server.

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TunnelBear has a simple and user-friendly application interface that is supported by all popular systems. The saddest part is that the service only gives 500 MB of free traffic for a month. Tweeting about the company will add another 1 GB, but that won’t save the day.

The main advantages of the TunnelBear service:

  • 2,600 servers in 40 countries;
  • Up to 5 simultaneously connected devices;
  • gives you access to 5+ Netflix catalogs;
  • supports the most popular platforms (iOS, Windows, Android, Mac);
  • the service is available in Russian.
  1. ProtonVPN – true unlimited content on Netflix

It is no exaggeration to say that ProtonVPN is the only free VPN that provides users with unlimited connections. Most services provide no more than 10 GB of traffic, and often even less. Long movie marathons on Netflix did not affect the data transfer rate at all, ProtonVPN still provided a quality connection.

No drops or long waits, the 17 free servers (in Japan, the Netherlands and the USA) are doing a great job. The best results were shown through the Netherlands, with speeds of 30 Mbps, while in the case of the US and Japan the results were lower by about 25%. However, in both cases the speed was enough to watch content in HD quality. ProtonVPN allows you to connect only 1 device, so we recommend choosing a router for this role.

The main advantages of ProtonVPN:

  • unlimited bandwidth;
  • high enough connection speed;
  • free servers in the U.S., the Netherlands, Japan;
  • gives you access to 1 Netflix Originals catalog;
  • supports popular platforms (router, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac and others);
  • the service is available in Russian.

ProtonVPN reviews

To summarize

All of the VPNs described in this article can provide access to Netflix directories to a greater or lesser extent. They can easily bypass the streaming platform’s built-in security, so you do not have to worry about being blocked. However, it is important to pay attention to the limitations that are present in some services: traffic restrictions, small network of servers, connection speed. The situation can be changed with a paid subscription, but here everyone decides for himself whether he is ready to pay for it.


Written by: Carl J. Jones

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