How to Install Opera GX on Your Chromebook

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install Opera GX on your Chromebook. Although there is no official download option for Opera GX on their website, we will show you a workaround to get it installed on your device.


Before we begin, make sure you have the following:
– A Chromebook
– Access to the internet

Step 1: Visit the Chrome OS Website

– Go to the Chrome OS website, which is linked in the description of this tutorial.
– Scroll down and click on the “Chrome” option.

How to Install Opera GX on Your Chromebook

Step 2: Download Crossover Free Trial

– On the Chrome OS website, click on “Free Trial for Crossover”.
– Enter your name and email.
– Click on “Download Trial Now”.
– Wait for the file to finish downloading.
– Once the download is complete, click on “Show in folder”.

Step 3: Copy the File to Linux Files

– Open your Linux files.
– Drag the downloaded file into your Linux files.

Step 4: Install the Crossover App

– In the Linux files, double click on the downloaded file to install it.
– A prompt will appear asking you to install the app. Click on “Install”.
– Wait for the installation to finish.
– Once the installation is complete, the app will be available in your terminal and there may also be an icon in your launcher.

Step 5: Download Opera GX

– Open the Opera GX website (linked in the description).
– Click on “Download Opera GX”.
– Wait for the file to finish downloading.

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How to Install Opera GX on Your Chromebook

Step 6: Copy the File to Linux Files

– Open your files application.
– Type “Opera GX” in the search bar.
– Drag the downloaded “Opera GXsetup.exe” file into your Linux files.
– Close the files app.

Step 7: Install Opera GX using Crossover

– Open the Crossover app.
– Click on “Install Windows Software”.
– Type “Opera GX” in the search bar.
– Select “Unlisted Application: Opera GX”.
– Click on “Select Installer” and choose the “Opera GXsetup.exe” file from your Linux files.
– Click “Open”.
– Click “Continue” and then “Install”.
– Click “Yes” when prompted to install the packages.
– If a pop-up appears, click on “Try Now”.
– On the Opera GX installation screen, click on “Change” for the installation path.
– Navigate to “My Computer” and double click on it.
– Select “Drive C” and click “OK”. If this doesn’t work, choose “My Documents” instead.
– Click on the “Install” button.
– Wait for the Opera GX installation to complete.

Step 1Visit WebsiteGo to the Chrome OS Code Weaver’s website. Select the “Chrome” option.
Step 2Download SoftwareDownload the “Free Trial for Crossover” from the Chrome OS Code Weaver’s website.
Step 3File TransferCopy the downloaded Crossover file to your Linux files on the Chromebook.
Step 4Install CrossoverInstall the Crossover app by double-clicking the file in the Linux files.
Step 5Download BrowserVisit the Opera GX website and download the Opera GX browser.
Step 6File Transfer (Again)Search for “Opera GX” in the files app and drag the “Opera GXsetup.exe” file into your Linux files.
Step 7Install Browser using CrossoverUse the Crossover app to install Opera GX. This involves selecting the “Opera GXsetup.exe” file and specifying the installation path.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed Opera GX on your Chromebook. Enjoy using the browser and its unique features.

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How to Install Opera GX on Your Chromebook


This article is provided strictly for informational and educational purposes and does not advocate for the violation of any usage policies of software or services.
Legal and Ethical Considerations: The reader is advised to adhere to all legal and ethical guidelines when utilizing third-party software for software installation.
Security: Always prioritize downloading software from trusted and official sources to safeguard against potential security risks from malicious software.
Performance: Be advised that running software through compatibility layers or emulators may result in reduced performance or functionality issues.
Support: Understand that running Opera GX on a Chromebook using the method described may not be officially supported by Opera, which may lead to functional limitations or issues.
Updates: Be aware that updates or alterations to any of the software involved could modify the effectiveness or steps involved in this method.
Additional Considerations:
Data Backup: Always ensure to back up vital data before attempting to install new software to safeguard against potential data loss.
System Updates: Ensure your Chromebook is updated to the latest version of Chrome OS for optimal compatibility and security.
Linux (Beta) on Chromebook: Ensure that the Linux (Beta) feature is enabled on your Chromebook, as Crossover uses it to run Windows software.
Crossover Performance: Set realistic expectations regarding the performance and reliability of software run through Crossover, as it may not perform as smoothly or reliably as on native Windows systems.
Utilize the steps and tips in this guide at your own risk, ensuring you have adequately backed up important data and are complying with all relevant legal and ethical guidelines.


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