Can You Erase Your Spotify Listening History? Here’s How!

Are you looking to tidy up your Spotify interface or keep your music tastes a secret? Whatever your reason, managing your Spotify history is simpler than you might think. This guide will walk you through the steps to remove specific tracks from your Recently Played list and discuss limitations regarding complete history deletion.

Can You Erase Your Spotify Listening History? Here’s How!

What You Can and Can’t Do with Spotify History

Spotify offers limited control over your listening history. Users can remove items from their Recently Played section but cannot delete their entire listening history at once. This feature is particularly useful if you want to declutter your interface or ensure certain music doesn’t influence your future recommendations.

How to Remove Tracks from Recently Played on Desktop

  1. Open Spotify: Start by launching Spotify on your computer. Make sure you are logged into your account.
  2. Navigate to Home: Click on the ‘Home’ tab to see your Recently Played items.
  3. Manage Your History: Hover over any album, playlist, or podcast you want to remove. Click the three dots that appear.
  4. Remove from History: Select ‘Remove from Recently Played’ from the dropdown menu to clear that item.

Clearing Recent Plays on Mobile Devices

  1. Access Spotify: Open your Spotify app on your smartphone.
  2. Visit Recently Played: Tap on ‘Home’, followed by ‘Recently Played’ to view your recent activities.
  3. Edit Your List: Tap the three dots next to the item you wish to remove.
  4. Confirm Removal: Choose ‘Remove from Recently Played’ to delete it from the list.

Limitations and Privacy Concerns

While Spotify allows you to remove items from your Recently Played list, it does not enable a complete history wipe. This can be a privacy concern for users who prefer not to have a record of their listening habits. It is also important to note that Spotify uses your listening history to tailor music recommendations and create personalized playlists like Discover Weekly.

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Can You Erase Your Spotify Listening History? Here’s How!


Managing your Spotify listening history is a straightforward process, though it comes with limitations. By following the steps outlined above, you can control what appears in your Recently Played section and slightly influence your music recommendations. Remember, your Spotify experience is as private as you make it, and taking these steps helps keep your listening habits as personal as you wish.


Written by: Carl J. Jones

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