A Comprehensive Comparison of ExpressVPN vs Proton VPN

A Comprehensive Comparison of ExpressVPN vs Proton VPN

Choosing a VPN can be a daunting task, especially when trying to decide between top competitors like ExpressVPN and Proton VPN. Both of these VPN services are popular and reliable, but they have distinct differences that make them suitable for different needs. In this article, we will explore the features and offerings of each VPN to help you make an informed decision on which one is the better fit for you.

Understanding Plans and Pricing

When it comes to plans and pricing, ExpressVPN and Proton VPN are both competitively priced. However, there are some key differences to consider. Proton VPN is the only one of the two that offers a free version, albeit with limitations. For a more comprehensive experience, it is recommended to use the 30-day money-back guarantee instead. Both VPNs have long-term plans that offer the best value for money. ExpressVPN’s one-year plan provides great value, while Proton VPN’s two-year deal is more cost-effective. To find the best pricing for each VPN, check the links provided in the description and comments.

Safety and Privacy

When evaluating VPN services, safety and privacy are of paramount importance. Both ExpressVPN and Proton VPN offer high-security standards, modern data encryption ciphers, privacy-friendly jurisdictions, and independently audited no-logs policies. However, they do take slightly different approaches to security. Proton VPN has made its source code available to the public, allowing for additional security scrutiny. On the other hand, ExpressVPN focuses more on privacy, implementing RAM-based servers that wipe all data upon a server reboot. They have also introduced a bug bounty program to enhance security. Choosing between ExpressVPN and Proton VPN in terms of safety boils down to personal preference and priorities.

User Interface and Features

The user interface and features of each VPN can significantly impact the overall experience. ExpressVPN takes a minimalistic approach with a small app window and a button for a quick VPN connection. Additional settings and configurations can be found in the settings tab. The app offers specific features such as device groups for router VPN setups and a recently introduced password manager that adds value to the VPN. On the other hand, Proton VPN has a larger app window with a more crowded interface. It offers features such as a kill switch, net Shield for blocking ads, secure core servers, and profiles for VPN connection presets. Proton VPN’s app caters more to advanced users while ExpressVPN’s app is simpler and more beginner-friendly.

Performance and Streaming

Performance is a crucial factor when choosing a VPN. Both ExpressVPN and Proton VPN offer similar speeds, with minor differences that are hardly noticeable during regular browsing activities. ExpressVPN has a slight edge in terms of speed. As for streaming capabilities, both VPNs can access all the major streaming platforms. ExpressVPN has servers in more countries, providing access to a wider range of content. For obscure streaming platforms, ExpressVPN is recommended. In terms of torrenting, both VPNs offer comparable speeds, but Proton VPN has specialized P2P servers.

Feature CategoryExpressVPNProton VPN
Plans and Pricing
Free VersionNoYes (with limitations)
Money-back Guarantee30 daysNot specified
Best Value Plan1-year plan2-year plan
Safety and Privacy
Encryption and SecurityHighHigh
Open SourceNoYes
Server Data HandlingRAM-based serversNot specified
User Interface and Features
User InterfaceMinimalisticMore crowded, detailed
Notable FeaturesPassword managerKill switch, net Shield, secure core servers, profiles
Target UserBeginnersAdvanced users
Performance and Streaming
SpeedSlightly fasterSlightly slower
Streaming CapabilityAccess to major and obscure platformsAccess to major platforms
TorrentingNot specifiedSpecialized P2P servers
Recommended ForBeginners and casual usersAdvanced users
Additional BonusesFree password managerOpen-source, transparency


In conclusion, both ExpressVPN and Proton VPN are reliable options with their strengths in various areas. For beginners and casual VPN users, ExpressVPN is recommended due to its simplicity and essential features. It also offers a free password manager as an added bonus. On the other hand, Proton VPN is an excellent choice for advanced users who appreciate open-source software, transparency, and a wide range of features. Ultimately, the choice between ExpressVPN and Proton VPN depends on your specific needs and preferences.

A Comprehensive Comparison of ExpressVPN vs Proton VPN

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