Top 8 free VPN services

Should Internet users save money by switching from paid VPN services to free ones? The latter are inferior in terms of speed of loading pages and set restrictions on certain resources. Also, some of them contain malware. Given these disadvantages, we can say that switching from paid to free VPNs is not worth it.

But what about users who are not willing to pay money for their own online security? They have no choice - they have to use free VPN services. There are more than 100 of them. Among this variety stand out certain programs that qualitatively encrypt the flow of information. Some of them are able to work on streaming sites like Netflix.

Top 8 free VPN extensions for the browser

ExpressVPN - has high bandwidth, so there are no problems downloading "heavy" sites. Provides privacy through 256-bit encryption. Allows you to connect through one of 3000 servers located in 90 countries around the world. Helps unlock the most famous streaming platforms.

Compatible with a large number of operating systems. Its interface is translated into Russian. Can urgently terminate the connection if the user activates Network Lock.

Cyber Ghost - promotes unlimited online work on the Internet. Provides protection of personal data when connecting to various web resources. Has more than 7000 servers from 90 countries. Due to this it can provide access to a site from any corner of the world. The service also allows the simultaneous connection of 7 devices. There are two versions: a browser extension and an application. Both versions are translated into Russian. The maximum connection speed - 40-45 Mb/sec.

ProtonVPN - guarantees online work without interference due to the stable transmission speed of data packets and the absence of traffic limits. The software encrypts the connection using AES256 technology. Does not allow more than one device to be connected at a time. Compatible with most routers and known operating systems. Average connection speed is 25-30 Mbps. No ads pop up while using it. There are 17 servers available from 3 countries - USA, Japan, Netherlands.

Avira Phantom - gives 1 GB of traffic for one month. Provides comfortable work on the sites, excludes lags and glitches. Guarantees privacy due to the reliable AES 256 encryption technology. Set no limits on the number of simultaneously connected devices. Can connect only to local servers. Android and Windows users can use the Russian-language interface of this software. Supports the protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2.

Hide.Me - provides a minimum speed threshold of 25 mbps. Allocates 10 GB of traffic per month. Allows you to watch streaming video in HD quality (great buffering). Operates under a very strict no-talk policy. Tracks the amount of traffic used, but keeps it private. Gives you the ability to unblock sites using one of 5 servers located in the United States, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany.

Hotspot Shield - quickly downloads files and loads "heavy" streaming sites. Gives 15 GB of traffic per month, while you can use no more than 500 MB per day. Protects against data leakage. Has an option for emergency connection termination in case of a threat. Allocates only one free server, which is located in the U.S. Establishes a connection at 20-25 MB/sec. From time to time opens pages with ads, which causes inconvenience to the user.

TunnelBear - ensures security by preventing data leaks and breaking connections. Offers 2,600 servers from 40 countries around the world. Provides an average connection speed of 15Mbps. Allocates only 500 MB per month. Like all the above services, it uses AES encryption. It is not suitable for watching streaming content or downloading large files. It should be used for general site surfing.

Kaspersky Source Connection - allocates 6 GB of traffic for one month. Allows connecting up to 5 devices at once. Compatible with major operating systems. Gives up to 19 Mbps data transfer speed. Supports torrent activity. Does not create delays when loading pages of different resources. Offers users a choice of 2000 servers from 30 countries.

Risks you may encounter when using free VPNs

The services listed above do not create threats, which will be discussed below. Some VPN-projects are specifically designed to collect personal data and their subsequent sale to interested parties. At the same time, they hide behind their privacy policy. In fact, this is just a screen behind which the services create lawlessness.

The second threat of using free VPNs is not a 100% security guarantee of the connection. /This leads to uncontrolled data leakage. The reason is that the services use outdated technology that has long been out of line with modern standards.

The third threat - there is a possibility of PC/smartphone/laptop infection with malware that is contained in the free VPN. This leads to crashes and malfunctions.

For objectivity, it is worth highlighting the pros and cons of the two types of VPN services - paid and free:

Types of VPNs




High connection speed.

It is necessary to specify payment details for automatic monthly payment.

Unlimited traffic.

Provide free mode of use for a limited period.

Modern data protection technologies.

Reliable network of quality servers.


No need to specify payment details.

Keeps personal data in logs

Encrypts data at military level.

Insufficient technical support. 

Well mask the user's IP address.

Limited number of servers available for connection


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