Top 3 VPN Services for France

The French Republic gave the world democracy and freedom of speech, but today’s reality dictates its own rules. Times have changed, today the government of the country began to monitor the Internet traffic very closely. In addition, in France, some streaming platforms and sites are not available or work in a limited mode. To remove all these restrictive measures, you need a good VPN service.

Why do you may need a VPN in France?

One reason is to get full access to content that is blocked in the country for various reasons. We are not talking about some illegal materials. It could be the BBC Prime, Netflix USA, SkyGo or Hulu. A good VPN service will open up access to movies, shows, and other content in just a couple of clicks. To cope with regional restrictions, the service must have a large number of servers and strong encryption. Also VPN should provide a fast connection, otherwise you will not be able to watch video content.

The second reason is to watch French channels like TV5 Monde, Arte, France24, Play TV, Eurosport and others. Without a powerful and extensive system of servers in France it is impossible to do this. Therefore, when choosing a VPN service, the user should pay attention to the presence of French servers in the first place.

The third reason is to keep the user’s privacy in the network, which will not be superfluous in any country. To prevent personal data from leaking into the network, you should check your VPN provider. After all, if it is located in the “five eyes” countries, some user data may be stored and transferred to third parties. You should also be careful when connecting over public Wi-Fi.

If you need any of the above while traveling to France, then the following VPN services can help.

CyberGhost – a powerful network of servers around the world and high connection speeds
CyberGhost service has a very developed infrastructure, because only in France there are more than 300 servers. You can select the server manually, which will provide the best connection performance. Some of them have specializations: for anonymous Internet surfing, working with torrent files, unblocking of streaming platforms. CyberGhost provides access to Canal +, ITV, Amazon Prime Video and more. The service is ideal for those who are just getting started with VPN technology.

A large network of servers provides a high speed connection, as shown by tests, not lower than 45 Mb / s. The service does not limit the bandwidth at all, which is especially important when working with large files. CyberGhost supports various functions of user protection in the network: 256-bit encryption, dedicated NoSpy servers, protection against various data leaks, emergency shutdown. Of course, this VPN service operates under a non-logging policy. Support service works around the clock.

The main characteristics of the CyberGhost service:

  • Extensive network of 7,660 servers, where 323 of them are deployed in France.
  • Reliable security protocols that guarantee complete anonymity of the user.
  • Limit of connectable devices is 7.
  • Gives access to Canal +, Amazon Prime Video, ITV and other platforms and channels.
  • Compatible with popular systems and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Windows, iOS and others).

IPVanish is a powerful VPN service for an unlimited number of devices
The service does not limit the number of connected devices for one user, which is very rare. There is a convenient application for the most popular browsers and operating systems. Even if you connect all the gadgets in the house to the VPN network, the connection speed will remain as high. Content can be freely viewed in UHD quality, and without slowdowns and constant buffering.

IPVanish has 23 servers located directly in France. With the service you can easily unblock access to channels such as ITV Hub, Canal +, and TV5 Monde. The VPN service will also unlock libraries of streaming platforms that are only available in other countries.

The Scramble feature will reliably mask the user’s traffic, which will bypass any geo-blocks. If you need to work with torrent files, then the P2P protocol supported by IPVanish service comes in handy. No bandwidth limitations and fast torrent downloads are guaranteed.

IPVanish adheres to a no-log policy, which means it does not save any user data at all. Independent audits have only confirmed this information. VPN service provides a person with complete anonymity, protecting against data leaks and activating emergency shutdown in case of need.

The main characteristics of the IPVanish service:

  • Over 2,000 fast servers located in 70 countries.
  • Proprietary server network that operates under a non-logging policy.
  • There is an option to get a refund within 30 days.
  • No quantity limit for connected devices.
  • Gives access to Canal +, TV5 Monde, TV Hub and with some reservations to Netflix, Hulu.
  • Compatible with popular browsers and systems (Mac, Chrome, Windows, Android, etc.).

ExpressVPN – the perfect VPN service for France
TrustedServer is a proprietary technology from ExpressVPN that completely secures the user on the Internet. All a person’s data is completely erased from the servers memory at each reboot. Worth mentioning is the use of AES-256 encryption, which is used today by the US military. ExpressVPN will protect against any kind of data leaks – WebRTC, DNS or IP. In the event of an unplanned disconnection from the VPN server, the automatic Network Lock function will immediately terminate the Internet connection.

User data is additionally protected with constantly changing encryption keys (a forward secrecy tool). This function encrypts user data, which cannot be read even in case of leakage. Obfuscation can help to hide the fact that the VPN technology is being used. Like the previously mentioned VPN services, ExpressVPN observes a no-log policy. That is, no information about the user is saved on the servers.

There are 3 servers in France, which provide high speed and stability of the connection. They will help unlock the following platforms: Netflix France, TV5 Monde, Canal + and others. During the tests there were no problems with watching 4K and HD content, also there were no delays, stuttering and buffering.

Customer service is 24/7, so you can contact them at any time. They respond very quickly.

The main features of the ExpressVPN service:

  • A network of over 3,000 servers, as well as 3 in France.
  • Strong encryption, proprietary TrustedServer technology and other options to ensure complete anonymity online.
  • The user has the opportunity to get back the money spent on the purchase of the VPN within 30 days.
  • The limit of connected devices should not exceed 7 units.
  • Unblocks access to Canal +, Netflix France, TV5 Monde and others.Compatible with popular browsers and systems (Firefox, Chrome, Android, iOS and others).


Using a VPN service in France is not prohibited by law, if you do not do anything criminal. Moreover, they are needed primarily to preserve a person’s privacy online, because fraudsters are constantly collecting data about users. Before traveling to France or other countries, it is recommended to study the law, especially in matters of anonymity and the use of various VPN-services.

The services described in the article are good for people who are going to travel to France. With their help, you can continue to watch movies on your favorite streaming platforms, even abroad. A good VPN will freely bypass geo-blocking and other regional restrictions. Certain services can be tested in advance, so that there will be no problems when you arrive. We recommend reading the additional functionality of each VPN, because some of them give really unique features, but for an additional fee.


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